Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CARVER!! CARVER!! CARVER!! Plus a Weekend Update.

 This scrumptious, precious, perfect little GrandBoy of ours turns SIX today.
I honestly can't believe it.
Honestly, he couldn't be any cuter if we would have designed him ourselves.
His personality is OFF THE CHARTS.
I'm serious.  The kid is hysterical.
He is the star of our family.  Even his YOUNGER Aunts and Uncles drop whatever
they are doing when Carver is on the phone, and they come running.
He is the Superstar.
And today he is six.
Dear Carver:
I hope you know someday how much I love you.
How much we all love you.
SO much!
You are kind and funny and you love your Mom
and you are everything good a little boy could possibly be.
Honestly, you are the best.
And I hope today was everything you could have ever wanted.
Because you?
You are everything I have ever wanted.
And I will love you forever.
No matter what,.
Happy Birthday!
Grandma M
 In other news, 5 had her 2nd ever gymnastics meet.
Gymnastics is hard, you guys.
You get marked off for even thinking about not pointing your feet.  Seriously.
That first meet?  Where we were all blown away and so proud?
Yeah.  That was for beginners apparently.
5 jumped up to the level of girls who have been competing this level for 12 months.
It was INSANE.  Routine after routine, we were amazed.
Her scores:
Gold Medal Extravaganza 11/2015
Vault 9.45 (2nd place) (SECOND PLACE!!!)
Bars 8.175 (6th place)
Beam 8.85 (3rd place)
Floor 9.1 (2nd place) (SECOND PLACE!!!!)
All-Around 35.575 (3rd place)
Seriously amazing.  Competing against much more seasoned gymnasts.
She is an unbelievable little girl.
And finally: 4's dance competitions have resumed.
This weekend she competed at:
KAR National Dance Competition.
She is doing an awesome jazz routine this year.
It's pretty amazing.
Her costume is perfect.
She is beautiful.
And she killed it!
She won a giant trophy and I am so proud of her.
She really does Sparkle.

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