Friday, November 20, 2015

The Big Girls.

 So my Big Girls are killing life lately.
They really are.
Let's start out with 1.
It's 1's Anniversary today!!!!
And that is exciting.
I mean, we LOVE her.
We LOVE Michael.
She is on an awesome career path.
She thinks she is secretly a black rapper,
she trash talks her family during football season, because our teams are mortal enemies,
even though my team just beat her team but whatever,
her favorite thing to read are old-fashioned fairy tales, the more morbid, the better,
she is crafty, and organized, and talented, and perfect,
she is ALWAYS there when I need her,
she has a super level head.  And in this family, that's golden,
She is a wonderful Mom.
And her hair changes color at least once a month.
Seriously, what's not to like?
I couldn't be more proud of her.
Of everything about her.
She's my dream girl.
 On to 3.
3 continues to rule high school,
she works part time,
she eats lots and lots of cold cereal,
 she drives herself (and her siblings) to wherever I need them to be,
she almost has her Personal Progress completed,
she makes friends wherever she goes,
she chose perfect best friends for herself,
who lift her up and never try to pull her down,
and she is about to break weightlifting records at Perry High School.
WEIGHTLIFTING records you guys.
And to top it off?
She has her own youtube channel, where she posts her sign language homework.
It's historically epic.  And hilarious.
3 is stunning inside, even more than outside.
So that's pretty stunning.
I love her. 
 And 4.
What can't I say about 4?
She continues to be super funny,
She is advancing quickly in piano even though she NEVER practices,
because she can sight read perfectly for no reason,
She marches to her own beat,
she used to have pink hair, and now the ends are teal blue,
she taught herself how to play the ukulele,
She is figuring out her style, and she's nailing it,
she wears concert t-shirts at least twice a week,
she knows every random fact there is about 21 Pilots,
she holds monthly craft sessions with her younger siblings,
And she is a legitimate genius.
Like for reals.
Like she gets stuff.
And that is a super handy family member to have.
She is precious and she has my heart.
And 2.
I could just gush about 2 all day.
She has the prettiest smile in the Universe,
she spent several weeks this past summer doing service in China,
she volunteered to make homemade cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving,
she plans, and plans, and is ALWAYS prepared for her life,
she sends me funny cat videos on the daily,
she NEVER says no when 4 asks her to do her competition makeup,
She teaches and mentors and loves and soothes her younger siblings,
she ALWAYS helps me grocery shop,
she cheers other girls and is a friend to all,
she fulfills her church calling like a 76 year old journeyman,
all while attending ASU full time and completing a super difficult major.
Honestly.  I could gush about her all day.
If there is something to figure out about life,
she has it figured out so far.
Love her. SO MUCH.

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