Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dear Future (and Current) Son in Law:

Make her crazy happy.
Remind her that she is beautiful in every new language you can invent.
Remind her about poetry.
If you hurt her in ways that are irreparable, and I know you won't, I will send out people to hurt you back.  Sorry, but it has to be like that.
Make her something warm to drink in the mornings and give her time to begin speaking; only rush at her with an embrace or a gemstone. Wildflowers. A love note. Yeats.
Do not fight with her in public.
She has an elegance that should not be polluted by compromising her privacy.
Speak glowingly of her to everyone, even on the days she has infuriated you.
Let too many people know how proud you are, so that it gets back to her and she feels proud to be herself.
Take her hand. Notice how like a piece of art that is.
Rub her shoulders every time you pass her by.
Don't let two hours go by without an embrace, and a kiss.
Just let her be her.
Whatever that is, let her be it.
And be proud of it.
Make sure you know her family so well that she'd be jealous of your relationship if it didn't make her so happy.
I agree that I'm asking a lot of you, but remember:
You already won the grand prize.
She is still not ready, but she will need a marriage that endures and comforts her.
Something lit by it's own moon.
Be worthy of her.
And God bless you for noticing the right one.
The person who loves her more than anyone else, save God.

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