Sunday, December 13, 2015

Little Dashing Turns 5.

 He is five.
And when you turn five around here it's a big deal.
First of all because duh, you are five.
But mostly because you get your first birthday party.
Anything you want.
And our little superboy of course wanted a superhero party.
And what Dashing wants, Dashing gets.
It was a perfect day, filled with laughter and screaming
and hilarious party games with a bunch of 5 year olds.
At one point, in the midst of it all, I looked at him.  Really looked at him.
He is happy and good.
He is gorgeous.  Blond hair, chocolate eyes, olive skin.
He is loving.  He kisses, he hugs.
He laughs.  He really, really laughs.
And I just couldn't believe my luck.
That it's me.  That I'm his mom.
The day he was born changed the direction of our all girls all the time lives.
I was unsure, I really was.
But now?  I've never been so sure of anything in the entire world.
He is mine, and I am his.
Dear A:
I'm so glad your birthday party was
"the most super awesome day I ever had"
I'm so glad I could make your dreams come true.
Because you make my dreams come true every day.
I love you so much.
There isn't a World that exists where I'm not your real Mom.
Valerie is your birth mom, and we love her so much.
But real mom?  That's me.
That will always be me.
Happy Birthday Dashing.
Love you always,

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