Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa and The Elf

 Our Christmas Credenza.
Also, if anyone is really surprised I use pink in my Christmas décor,
you don't know me.  You never did.
Also, the 5 littlest Hughes got to see Santa! 
The two teenagers were singing in a professional concert.
Because they are awesome.
But anyways, I have captioned their thoughts for you, so you will know how they roll:
 I think I will ask for a surprise.
And for World peace.
And I feel bad that I never get yelled at.
But not bad enough to do something wrong.
Because, why.
Also, I just want everyone to be as awesome as I am.
I try to tell them how amazing it is to be perfect.
But they don't listen.
It's lonely sometimes.
 I think if I smile super big, then Santa won't know how
many times in a day I say the word Fart.
I want a racecar.
I wonder if there are cookies here?
Don't rush me, Joe.
I can and will pound your face.
I love smiling.
It's my favorite.
 I will tolerate you, but barely.
Watch where you put your hands.
Do you know who I am?
As if I would ask anything of YOU.
Jillian's looking good tonight.
Her outfit is spot on.
I better go tell her.
We are done here sir.
  I will sit here.  But only for Candy.
I want a surprise and a bike.
And a frog. And a pony.
I can run faster than you.
Don't forget.
Also a zebra.
Make that two zebras.
I smell ice cream.
I must go to the ice cream.
 Well hello.
I'm sure you have heard of me.
I am the most popular person who has ever existed.
All I have to do is think something and it will magically appear.
People fight over who will wipe my butt.
The longer I sit here, the more popular you will become by association.
I like to help all of the little people.
So you are welcome.
Now unhand me.
 In other news: the teenagers take turns doing Blaze, our Elf.
I'm not sure which one did this one, but it was pretty funny.
Especially since 5 took it so seriously and had to answer back.
This note to Blaze was unprompted you guys.
We found it out after she had gone to bed.
The kid is a star.

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