Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Super Special Selfies

 I'm not sure you knew this about us,
but for mediumly attractive people, Hughes and I
can NOT take a good picture to save our lives.
I'm serious.
If someone told us take an attractive picture or I'm blowing up your house,
we would both take off sprinting cause that's not ever gonna happen.
The struggle is real.
Even so, when we attended the temple last, we decided to attempt it.
It didn't go well.
But attending the temple?  That went perfectly. As it always does.
And so the important lesson is this:
We attend the temple.
Our family is blessed.
We receive answers to prayers and direct personal revelation while inside.
It is the perfect place.
And it's always the perfect time to go.
And if our selfies aren't perfect?
Our people are used to it.
And the most important part is documenting that Hughes and me,
we are here.
We are trying to be good people,
and good parents,
and good Christians.
We are trying our best.
And one day, a pretty selfie will happen.
I know it.

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