Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Christmas Review

 A's Preschool Christmas Show.
He played Joseph.
The best part?  He kept this secret for weeks, until the night before the
show, when he came up and whispered, "Mom. I have to tell you my secret.
 I'm playing Joseph in the show tomorrow but you can't tell my Mom and Dad."
So close, buddy.
 3's mockery of the Winter Formal pictures posted everywhere.
She's a keeper.
She did have a date, and he was super adorable.
He's probably off in the corner hiding from the
neon white glare coming from her December skin tone.
Also, these are the only pictures I got.
It's a good thing she is a Sophomore, if this was Senior Winter Formal
she would be grounded for a decade.

 The Annual Bryce Family Nativity Party.
Chris and Suzette were ON POINT this year!
Their yard was super magical, and there were Christmas movies
playing on a back-yard big screen.
Dinner was amazing and the after-dinner hot cocoa bar?

When the $5 Cowboy hats you bought back in June on a whim
were the absolute hit of Christmas.  Of course.
 After we talk about the birth of Christ
 (btw, the Friend knocked it out of the park this year, I'm saving this issue for every year)
I read this edition every year to my kids.
There isn't better illustrations anywhere.
 After Christmas Church Selfie.
It's like herding cats.

 Hands down the most adorable picture of my offspring this month.
Dear 4:  You are the most precious thing ever.... xoxoxo M
 I have a nutcracker and Christmas tree problem.
If these pictures were zoomed out, you would see many many many more.
I'm not sorry.
Of course this is the most important.
And this picture completely sums up Christmas for me.
What an incredible gift to us all.

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