Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Media Update.

 So a year ago or so, a guy I know (who works at a modeling agency) called me in desperate need for a delicious little black boy toddler for a shoot they were doing the next day.
As luck would have it, I had one, and he was available.
And now his face is plastered all over Amazon and other sites selling summer pool toys.
With a fake black mom and black sister.
Now, those of you who know C, know that he LOVES attention and will do just
about anything if someone puts him in the spotlight.
The model mom and little girl?  They are actual models signed with the agency.
The little girl couldn't have been more adorable, but she was having a bad day.
Her dad kept trying to calm her down, but the shoot director was getting ticked.
Finally, he went over to the little girl, as if she were 35 or something, and said this, exactly:
"Listen up, you are being very unprofessional.  You need to get it together.
Why don't you take some time and watch C.  Just do it just like C.
C is a professional.  You are not."
It was hysterical and ridiculous. 
Because C is of course not a professional, and she is,
but he didn't know that.

 This is actually very true.
Good job 4.
 Because why would you actually be IN
Church when you can be out
instagramming that you are in Church?
Cutest Kid Ever.
 Because she rarely posts anything.
 K.  This is HILARIOUS.
If you didn't know, 2 is a hair under 4'11''
So this shot probably shouldn't have been attempted.
But I'm so glad it was.
This is seriously epic.
And this.
This happy, happy look on my girl's face.
That will never get old.

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