Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Offspring Lately

 So the offspring have been pretty much on point lately.
1 doesn't disappoint for sure.
In this family, we are all certified cat ladies.
Especially Hughes.
Even 2.
We are proud of it and there hasn't been a time in the
history of my life that I haven't had 2 cats.
Because 3 kind of pushes you into weird.
But 2?  Perfect.
 Cousin Picture 2015.
Of course, this isn't even almost close to all of the cousins,
but J1 and Millie were here from Tennessee.
J2 from Utah,
and Mac from Super Popular Land,
so I seized the opportunity.
It should be criminal to be this attractive, don't you think?
 Because when I try to be all Mushy with 1, this is how it goes.
 This is how Baby Girl rolls.
Remember when I was crying real tears last Halloween
bc I couldn't find a pic of 3 and her THUG costume?
I found it!!  It's blurry but I will take it.
I'm just sad you can't see all the SHARPIE tattoos,
because why not, that graced her arms.  Super proud.
And finally, the lengths the 2 teenagers will go too
when avoiding housework.
They are singing 21 Pilots in NORWEGIAN.
Because, of course.
Don't worry, they did the housework.

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