Monday, February 1, 2016

Magic Turns Seven.

 She turned seven on January 30th to be exact.
Mommy is 2 days late with the blog shout out.
5 wanted a pajama party.
Not a sleepover.
I mean, I'm not insane.
But a pajama party ending scandalously late for the first grade crowd.
There were makeovers and photoshoots
and nail painting and cupcakes
and dance-offs and trampoline tricks
and pillow fights.
It was perfect.  She is perfect.
She really is the most magical little girl.
Dear 5:
I'm so happy that you loved your party.
It was the most fun I've had in ages!
Just watching you in your element.
You are soft and kind, and you never
leave anyone out.
You are also fierce and determined
and a strong ally.
I saw it again and again.
Oh Magic, if you only knew how much we
all love you.  How much we thank our lucky
stars that you are in our family.
The day you came was magical for sure.
I will love you forever.
No matter what.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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