Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friday Night Lights times Green

Once there was a boy. Not my boy, oh no, I don't have any boys. But I wish this boy were mine. From the moment I saw him and held him, oh how I wished he were mine. Sadly, I had to relinquish his care to his parents. They've done OK. Alright, they've done better than OK. They have done so well with him that it makes my heart sing. Because this boy is still as Spectacular as the day he was born. And that is saying a lot, because he is eighteen.

Eighteen is a hard age for everyone.....but that is another post altogether.

Through the years of this boy's life I have loved him from far, and now I love him from near. Every time I have seen him he has hugged me and said he loves me. Every time. In front of anyone. Oh how I love this boy.

You may think it's odd that my very first post is about a child who isn't mine. But, you see, this boy is the center of our families' activities this season. Every Friday night, the entire family: Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, friends of the family, people we used to know..... we all speed to wherever the Mesa High Jackrabbit football team is playing. We cheer, we scream, we engage. There is swearing. You know who you are.

But we are all there together, as a family, because of my favorite boy. He never fails to amaze us all. Everyone in the stands knows his name. Everyone.

(#4 and the Gorgeous Gaby)

(#3 and #4 lovin' their football)

(#2, straight from the gym, and still beautiful)

This is his last year of bringing us together as a family to cheer him on. We have been watching him play football for more years than I want to count. Oh how we will miss it!

Until the next boys.......

But again, that is another post.....

Thanks for the memories Jaymen, we have been behind you every step of the way.


Aunt MaLeisa


  1. You brought tears to my eyes - such a lovely post. I am so proud of you and I love you with all my heart. MOM

  2. ahh. I LOVE this boy. He's also MY favorite..
    and you're right about the hugs and i love you's in public.
    you can ALWAYS expect them. no matter who is around.
    He's the best example ever.. and I'm sooo proud to be his cousin.


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