Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let Them Talk.

This post goes out to all of my
fellow one gender families.

Back in the (late) 90's, after a 5 year gap, I found myself expecting number 3.
Oh, she was planned. She was planned perfectly.

Except for one thing. After two girls, she was expected to be a boy.
I mean, that is a realistic expectation, right? Two girls, then a boy.
Of course that's how it's supposed to work.

Clearly, she wasn't a boy. Instead, she was the most beautiful baby girl to ever grace the universe. And even though I'm her mother,
I'm telling it like it is.
Those of you who know it's true feel free to comment and
back me up on that.

But I digress. This post is about having all girls. Back then, ten years ago, maybe I wasn't as gracious as I am now. Maybe I was a little defensive about having all girls.
I just remember so many people finding out my third baby was a girl and nodding their heads sympathetically (sympathetically!) at me and saying ridiculous things like
"It's okay, you're going to try again, right?"

Try again?
Excuse me, should I just wheel this little Angel out to the curb on garbage day or would you like to?

Here I was, having this HEALTHY baby,
after not having a baby for 6 years,
and that's all people could say to me?

And I'm not even going to post what people said when I was expecting my FOURTH girl.
I can't even stand it. People really are thoughtless sometimes.

Wait. Am I still bitter?
Anyway. I just want to confess to everyone publicly right now.

I'm Honestly, Ridiculously, Truly thrilled that all my children are girls.

I don't want boys. I never wanted boys.

I have nephews I love so much that my heart aches, but I don't want them to live with me.
They are rough and they run and they yell and
they mess up your furniture and they pee on the toilet
and they cost twice as much to feed
and they don't tell you what is going on in their lives
and their clothes aren't as cute.

And if The Husband and I either have or get a new baby.....

Wow. I've been holding that in for so long. And it's all true.

And that's for all of you out there who have all girls.
Or all boys for that matter.
I just publicly admitted that we like it. LIKE IT.
And I mostly like it on nights like this.
Most classic picture ever.
And if 1 were in this picture, she would be in the back, behind 3,
poking or prodding or pinching or
doing something to make her cry while
looking at me sweetly and pretending to be helping me
get them to look cute and get a good picture.

Oh 1. You know it's true.

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