Saturday, February 6, 2010

4 And Her Big Announcement.

Remember the Family Rules?
One activity per daughter at a time.
Piano is mandatory.
No Piano, no activity.
I get less smack talk about this rule than you might imagine.
Probably because 3 secretly loves piano, and 4 has seen me stick to my guns with both 1 and 2 and so she has resigned herself to ten more years of piano.
That sticking to your guns thing with the older kids makes raising the younger kids oh so much easier. Don't you think?
Anyway, little 4 has been enjoying gymnastics since September or so.... and while she does still love gymnastics, in her heart she just knew it was time to try something else.

4 thought long and hard. Cheerleading or Ice Skating?
Ice Skating or Cheerleading?
She contemplated the pros and cons. It was a rough decision.
As you can see, Ice Skating it is. Today was her first lesson. And for someone who has NEVER been on the ice in skates, little 4 did OUTSTANDING.

According to 4's friend Sarah, who is in her class at Franklin Elementary and was already at the rink when we wandered in, 4 is just an "absolute natural." According to the level 5 Sarah, 4 will move up quickly because "she doesn't slam into the wall like the other kids who just start."

I'll take Sarah's word for it. I mean, she IS a level 5.
Oh 4, you are so adorable. You are such a happy little girl and you
never seem to let the small stuff get to you. I love that about you.

Every girl should be like that..... wouldn't our lives be so much happier?

I'm so glad that is who you are.

I'm so glad you are my 4.
Good job today..... I knew you would be Awesome and you were!


  1. that rule must have been established after i quit piano

  2. Well little missy, we get smarter as we get older. You were my practice girl.

    I miss you.


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