Friday, January 7, 2011

If You Even Know Me A Little Bit, You Knew This Post Was Coming.

This is My Girl. Her name is 2. This is 2 as a Junior. She is a Mesa High Varsity Cheerleader. She is Beautiful and Talented and the best cheerleader in the history of the world.

Except maybe for me.

This is me. This is me as a Junior. I am a Mesa High Varsity Cheerleader. Please don't pretend that you don't secretly want that groovin hair, courtesy of sun-in. Because we all know it's Awesome.

This is 2's 2010-2011 MHS Cheer Squad. They are pretty cute, but I personally think their hair is a little flat, don't you?

This is my 1986-1987 MHS Cheer Squad. Kudos especially to the 3 Brave Pioneer Girls who didn't succumb to the bleach bottle like the rest of us did in the 80's. Holy cow though, we were so FOXY.
I have to tell you.... out of all of my daughters 2 would have been my dead last pick to follow in my Cheerleader shoes. Very Last. Seriously. Last.

2 was a gymnast. She had achieved the highest level, was competing nationally, and had her choice of Division I gymnastic scholarship offers to choose from.

Then came the day when 2 had to accept that a nagging back injury was not going to heal. It just wasn't. She couldn't continue. The day came when she had to quit gymnastics.

My girl was devastated underneath, even while putting on a happy face.

She tried out for cheer. The coach was ecstatic. And she likes it. She does.

But I know that she pines for her sport. She doesn't think I know, but I know. I know she is glad to be free of pain. And I also know that every time she gets another letter in the mail from another huge college offering her a visit or such, that she sheds some tears and hides them in her desk.

And my heart breaks.

But enough of that. My Girl is a CHEERLEADER!! Ha!

This very well may be my favorite high school picture of 2 that will ever be. This is 2 in her game day outfit. And this is my Fabo niece J the 2nd. She plays Volleyball. At Mesa High. Isn't this picture sweet?

Two girls, cousins, together in high school. Life just doesn't get much better than that.

And now, feast your eyes on My Girl. My little 2.

She is funny and smart and talented and breathtaking.

And a Mesa High Cheerleader.

And I love her.

And if you think this is the last cheerleading post I'm going to do, you really, really don't know me at all. Not even a little bit.

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  1. Wow! We seriously have some generational things going on here! My daughter the gymnast and cheerleader - my grandaughter the same! Then there are the volley ball players and basketball players and the football players and we aren't even close to done!


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