Thursday, July 2, 2015

So. It's Been a Year. We've been up to stuff.

 So I went away for a year.
Now I'm back.
I thought that Instagramming would suffice to keep
up with my little family's history.
I don't think it does. 
So here I am.
Our update:
Hughes:  Hughes makes the world go round at our house.  I have never met a person who could be in a good mood all the time by just choosing it.  It's weird.  He is doing all kinds of cool stuff like yard work and going through our house one room at a time and helping me redo them.  When I say helping me I mean he does all kinds of hard work like new paint and new flooring and fixing everything, and then I decorate them.  But we share the glory.  He's cool like that.
Me:  My tennis addiction continues.....30 years strong this year.  It is currently Wimbledon so it's pretty crazy that I picked today to update.  My life is pretty much unloading and loading the dishwasher and doing laundry.  And wiping 4 bums all day.  Sadly, I'm serious.  I mean the boys are totally potty trained but 3 and 4 year olds are not that talented at wiping their behinds.  Just so you know.

Jordan:  Jordan INSISTS on living a state away from her Mother.  It is exhausting.  I have to actually get in my car and drive for 8 hours to see her.  I hope she is happy.  She has a cute house and a cute husband and a ridiculously cute son and daughter.  She has an awesome job and awesome hair and she is pretty much just awesome.  And somewhere along the line she became really really really good at cooking.  She fed me recently several times and I could have sworn she was like 39 or something.  At least I didn't have her skills until I was 39 or something.  She isn't 39, she is 25.  In case you forgot. Jordan is carrying on the family cat obsession, and her decorating skills are super legit.  I'm pretty obsessed with her.
Michael:  Michael is Jordan's husband.  He's pretty awesome on his own, but he brought us little Devyn, so his popularity is off the charts.  He is kind and tall and sweet and slow to temper.  I'm not sure if he has figured out yet that he has now surrounded himself with female relatives who are not slow to temper.  Good luck to you, Michael.  You are kind of going to need it.  We totally dig him and even his chin hair.  Kind of on the chin hair.
Logan: Logan is still attending ASU, and she will be a Senior.  OMG can you believe it?  She continues to be a total genius and kind of bosses us all around.  She usually wins all of our arguments and that couldn't be more annoying. Sometimes she has pink hair.  She does that SnapChat thing and yells at me all day because I don't understand it.   She is just pretty and nice and successful and sometimes that is irritating but mostly it's awesome.
Britain:  It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that after this club season Britain has quit volleyball.  I still can't talk about it.  Who quits a sport that they are first string and on 1's teams and travels all over the country playing?  Britain does.  She is just burned out and done.  In other news, she has her first ever job, working at Dynamics Gymnastics.  She continues to be uber cool, uber popular, uber pretty, and uber legit.  In case anyone was worried or anything.  Also, she is soon to be a Sophomore at Perry High School. 
Ryan:  It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that after her 7th grade year, Ryan does not want to be a Payne Junior High Cheerleader again.  I still can't talk about it.  Who doesn't want to be a Payne Junior High School Cheerleader?  Ryan doesn't.  Oh well, she is still enrolled in the gifted program and belongs to a dance company and does dance competitions all over the place and wins giant trophies.  So I guess we will all live.  She will be in the 8th grade at Payne.
Daisy:  I'm not sure if you've heard, but Daisy is officially the 2nd competitive gymnast in our family.  I apparently didn't get enough during Logan's 158 year career and we are doing it again.  I will say that Daisy has a specific gift from her Heavenly Father for gym and she L O V E S it.  It's about to get crazy in her life, but if anyone can handle it, Daisy can.  She is the strongest, calmest, sweetest, smartest six year old on the planet.  She is going to be in the 1st grade at Weinberg Elementary.
Tommy:  Tommy continues to be the darndest kid I have ever met in real life.  He says the most hilarious things and his personality is crazy off the charts.  I know parents exaggerate but seriously, the kid is one in a million.  He recently attended a wrestling camp at Perry High and got a for reals take down during the tournament.  He was the littlest kid there.  He never EVER has a bad day, or a bad five minutes for that matter.  Tommy will be attending Ms. Jodi's preschool starting in August and can NOT stop talking about it, even though he has no idea what he's talking about.
Joey:  Joey's days pretty much consist of him running around, getting in the water, running around, sneaking snacks, running around, jumping on his bed, running around, getting a drink, running around, peeing outside, running around, holding the kitties, running around, chasing the goose, running around, jumping on the tramp, running around and then running around.  He never ever stops.  His life is awesome and so is he.  Joey attends the Priority Preschool for the CUSD.  He has his own bus and he digs it.  And he makes sure every person he ever meets knows that he has his own bus and he digs it.
Louie:  Louie's days kind of mirror Joey's.  Except Louie saunters.  He walks.  He doesn't resort to running.  Running is for peasants.  Louie secretly wonders why he is being forced to live among the mere humans on the planet, but he deals with it.  Even though he is vastly superior, if there is a girl (of any age) in his vicinity, Louie makes sure to romance her.  For reals.  He is so good at flirting with girls it makes even the teenagers squirm a little.  Louie is going to go places, don't worry.
Carver and Devyn:  They play t-ball, and they are single-handedly the most attractive people alive.  And that pretty much covers it.  Also, they are the most important.  The End.

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