Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Many Reasons For A PROM 3.0 Post

 Reason One:
This is our family history.  We get our blog made into books so the children can look and look and reminisce and remember and laugh.  And if it takes 20 prom posts to capture everything I want to capture of 2's senior prom, then 20 posts it will be. 
 Reason Two:
The boys in 2's group hired a professional photographer and took the girls to Tempe Town Lake for pictures.  Isn't that genius?  Instead of buying the tacky school photos?  Smart boys.  

Reason Three:
We did 2's hair at home.  Usually for dances she gets it done professionally.  But she has mastered the JLo bun.  HOWEVER, she wanted it braided up the back, and she couldn't reach.  She begged me to do it.  And it has been previously noted how horribly sucky I am at french braids.  But I concentrated and I tried hard and I did it!!  Yay!!  Her hair looked awesome. 
 Reason Four:
These are 2's muscles over a year after quitting gymnastics.
Please don't randomly punch her in the face when you see her for having arms like that with absolutely no effort, even though I know you want too. 
 Reason Five:
Her shoes.  
Oh my goodness, her shoes. 

 Reason Six:
Her dress.
We honestly couldn't have done any better.
I was worried a little about modesty, I was.
But then, I thought, most Mormon girls get wide straps sewn
onto their strapless dresses, ie the pretty missy on the right,
and these ruffles were as wide as "mormon straps" right?
Once I realized that, I decided we were good to go and I just
enjoyed my girl in her gorgeous dress. 

Reason Seven:
Her date.
Awesome kid from our awesome street in our awesome ward.
He treated her like a Princess during the entire process.
I'm so proud of how he turned out.
He and his twin brother leave first of August for their Missions,
and we will miss them.
What a good boy!
What a great night for 2. 

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