Friday, May 18, 2012

Happening This Week.

We were all required to play a rousing round of "4 Pursuit", you know, ala Trivial Pursuit.
It was very serious, including loud buzzing noises for wrong answers.
4 was mortally offended when not one person in the family guessed her favorite color (rainbow?????).

Dear 4:
Your personality never gets old.
Even when it is accompanied by your attitude.
Because you wrap it up with your awesome sense of humor.
You are the best.
Seriously, the best.
Today was the 6th grade science fair at Franklin East.  I was SO proud of 3, who scored a RED RIBBON!  You have to understand, Franklin East is old school.  There were only a couple first, second, and third place ribbons for the entire 120 person 6th grade.  The rest of the kids got a grade but no ribbon.  Nada.  Franklin operates in the real world.


I discovered today that 3 has been completely downplaying her popularity. Totally and completely.  And I want it noted for the record that I could care less at this point in my parenting career if my kids are popular.  I care if they are happy and confident.  But anyways, she is like MISS SIXTH GRADE at this school.  I mean, I know she is cute, but criminy.  Do you see her 3 besties up there?  3's glasses are prescription.  As soon as she got them, the 3 besties had to have them too.  Theirs aren't prescription, they just wanted to be like 3.

And the boys?  Holy Cow the boys.  They were milling around 3 and her friends and gazing at them and whispering about them and trying so hard to make them laugh.  And I observed all of this from around the corner where they couldn't see me.

Dear 3,
Please use your powers for good.
Always good.
No one, and I mean NO ONE likes those "popular"
kids who aren't nice.
Always, always always be nice to everyone.
No matter what.
You will never regret it.


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