Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First Day of School! July 20, 2015

 3 is now a Sophomore at Perry High School
Highlights of her first day:
Being the only girl on campus with a bright green purse/backpack
Walking into weights class and finding out you are the only girl.  All year.
Having lunch with your best friend five days a week.  And everything is right with the World.
Sitting down in Seminary Class along with every popular boy that exists at Perry. 
Not knowing if you are thrilled or super irritated about it.
Seeing a girl walk by with whiter legs than you.
Hoping you never looked as lame as the incoming Freshman.
 4 is now in 8th Grade at Payne Junior High School.
Highlights of her first day:
Riding the actual bus on the actual first day of school.  Because your Mother made you.
Wearing the cutest socks ever made.
Finding that girl in class who LOVES to talk about Bands with you.
Talking about Bands.
Being in math class with only 10 other people.  Because you are a genius.
Having every other person stop you because all the pink in your hair hasn't washed out.
Secretly planning to dye your hair pink again.
Realizing you are in ceramics with the actual Mean Girls of the school.
And not caring because you can quote every. single. line. of Mean Girls the movie.
 5 is in First Grade at Weinberg Elementary.
5 does not do well when the sun is in her eyes.
Highlights of her first day;
Wearing a butterfly dress, of course.
Finding out Allie, your best friend in the universe, is FINALLY in your class.
Passing off the first site word list before the first day is even over.
Having the biggest bow in the first grade.
Three words: Big kids playground.
A teacher that gives you Brain Juice (soda, ice cream and sprinkles) IN CLASS.
Being slightly irritated that there is no homework assigned.  Because you are that kid.
B is in Priority Preschool at Riggs Elementary
Highlights of his day:
Talking nonstop to his bus driver making sure she knows how to do her job properly.
Thinking about snack time.
Asking about snack time.
Finally having snack time.
Recess.  Always.
Bringing home a random muffin in his Ninja Turtles backpack.
Wearing his tennis shoes for the first time.
Rubbing it into his brother's faces that he has his own bus.

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