Friday, July 17, 2015

Ducky the Chicken.

 So we have birds.
Fourteen of them.
The geese, Nancy and Ronald Reagan, are much friendlier than you might think.
The ducks, Goldie and Birdie, are not friendly at all.
But we love them.  They are super fun.
We also have nine chickens.  They all have names that escape me at the moment.
We figured we were well stocked with fowl life.
And then Ducky came along.
A sweet little baby chicken who is super confused and for reals thinks he is a dog.
He follows us all over the yard, and his favorite spot is on your shoulder like a parrot.
Also, we often find him hanging out on Olive.
He is pretty weird.

Also, Hughes is in LOVE with him.  If it wasn't so adorable it might be embarrassing.


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