Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Why Are You Trying To Kill Me? (part 7)

And May continues on.

Volleyball season wrapped up, with no less than three tournaments this month.

The last one, girl power, was a little different.
3 has been playing, at the ripe old age of 12, on a 14's team all year.

Because she is that awesome.

But at Girl Power, you had to play on a team your own age.

So along with the few other 12 year olds on her team, they recruited some other girls from other teams and volleyball camps.

Can I tell you how spectacular it was to watch 3 dominate?
Playing with 14's, she definitely contributes, but doesn't really dominate.


But playing with girls her own age?


It was a great way to go out!
So great.

Dear 3:
You have come so far this season!
You had the get of the tournament,
you know which one I mean.
We are all so proud of you...
Uncle Ben is going to fall off the bench when he sees you play..
That's going to be such a great day!!
Love Forever,

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