Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Independence Day 2015

 Independence Day 2015 was perfect.
Even though my family was spread out over 3 locations:
Taylor and Heber, Arizona
Salina, Utah
and Provo, Utah
So we weren't physically together, but with a family like ours: grown children, teenage children, little children, Grandchildren, that's kind of how life is, and that's okay.
Highlights of this year:
Like 3 legit thunderstorms with rain!!  RAIN!!  In Arizona!!
1's hair. Oh my goodness, that girl's hair....
Devyn's hot pink cast, which prob smells super delicious by now.
Hula Hoop contests on the front porch while it rains.
UNPLUGGED FAMILY TIME!  It was a Christmas miracle.
Homemade strawberry shortcake...courtesy of 3 and 4.
Heber/Overgaard shutting down the HIGHWAY for the parade.
A super duper long parade.
5,A,B & C tearing around ALL DAY like they were hopped up on sugar.
Probably because they were hopped up on sugar.
An afternoon spent in an idyllic yard with sparklers and hamburgers.
2 hanging out with her bestfriend/cousin J2 in Provo.
2 calling me and or facetiming me every day bc she LOOOOVES me.
Carver's face. Oh my goodness, that kid's face.....
5's ponytails. 
Michael being all photogenic all the time, that is some real talent.
3 and 4 getting along with each other all the time (!!!!!!)
3 and 4 making awesome new friends.
1 & Michael being all newlywedy..my favorite..that girl's my heart.
Trying to keep a baby princess alive and well without a crib.
And, my favorite, standing at attention as the FLAG marched by.
For sure the highlight.

Dear Independence Day:
Honestly, you never ever disappoint.
Every single minute was pure awesomeness.
And I thank you.

Until next year.


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