Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Overachiever.

 5 is an overachiever.
At everything.
For example, if there are Peter Piper Pizza certificates to be had at school, she will do EVERYTHING IN HER POWER to get every. last. one.  People, you can't teach this stuff. 
And she did.
She had enough for 2 large pizzas and 150 we packed up every kid in the house and had a lunch date.  And 5 scored a sparkly princess crown.  It was a good day.
For example again, she goes to gym 3 days a week, 8 hours a week.  At the end of every workout, the coach names a Champion of the Day.  Half the time it's her.  I'm not kidding.
That kid is razor focused at being good at whatever skill they are doing.  She is so so competitive.  I kind of feel bad for the rest of her team when they all figure out that the better you do the more medals you win.  They start competing in the Fall...... and it's gonna be a bloodbath.

 For example again, the other night, 5 had a super loose tooth.  Like gray and getting gross loose.  She had barely touched it because she thought it would hurt.  I told her if she pulled it out within 15 minutes I would take her to get ice cream.  Even though it was 9pm and even though she was ready for bed.
One guess where we were at 9:30.
I should have known better.
Dear 5:
No matter what anyone ever tells you, you are awesome!
You keep achieving, no matter what.
You be as good as you want to be, at gym, at school, at life.
As long as you are kind, what other people think about it doesn't matter.
It only matters how YOU think about it.
And how you feel about it.
Just be kind, no matter what.
To everyone.
If you do that, everything else will work out,
and you can over-achieve to your heart's content.
5, I am so proud of you!
I love you so much.
Be whoever you want, and I will be happy.
Don't forget.

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