Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Back. It's True.

See? I'm still alive. I just took a blogging break, that's all.

We have had a ridiculous amount of changes in our lives, including but not limited to:

Me leaving my corporate america CRAPFEST of a job
(best day of my LIFE)

Both Me AND The Husband being called to work in Young Women and Young Men
(I thought that was against the rules?)

Having 1 and Carver move in with us
(I lied. THIS was the best day of my life)

Painting and redecorating two new bedrooms, even though we have only lived here a year
(Don't judge me. It's rude.)

Having both a 360 AND a Wii live in my house
(This is unprecedented and I want it noted for the record that I am still violently opposed to video gaming systems. Go outside and play with some sticks and a tin can or something already for crying out loud.)


Becoming Licensed Foster Parents
(That's right. And within 6 days our two beds were full of two cuddly little babies. Our entire family is so excited to serve our Heavenly Father by loving and caring for these defenseless little ones. Their stories are tragic, as expected. But while they are here they are safe and clean and fed and happy.)

And that is all for now. But I will be back.

On Saturday.

I promise.

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