Friday, November 6, 2009

Caught Without a Camera....

Taken in a hurry with a blackberry, but still worth posting.......

#2 and the ridiculously handsome but apparently unambitious Mister Matt Leinart, aka the Cardinals' 2nd string quarterback.

Get your butt in gear Matt. Seriously.
He was attending the Mesa High Football game tonight along with several other very famous Cardinals....Deuce Lutui, Anquan Boldin, & Betrand Berry to name a few. They show up from time to time to support Deuce Lutui's Alma Mater.

That's right... the Lutui was a Jackrabbit

The last time they were at a game, the astute #3 spotted them from the stands, scampered right down onto the field with no one stopping her, marched right up to Deuce Lutui, and asked for his autograph. And it is very lucky the Lutui granted her wish, as she was jumping up and down and screaming at him (rather closely)
"My Stepdad got HD because of you!!"

A proud moment indeed for the entire family.

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