Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Event #1.

The Big Gymnastics Show. And trust me, it was a big deal.....

After a number of very successful years of dance, Little Miss #4 matter of factly informed me that she was through dancing. It was going to be gymnastics for her, and nothing else.

Now, if you know anything about our family, you know that gymnastics runs our life, courtesy of #2. I'm not saying it's evil or anything (I just think that in my head when no one is listening), all I'm saying is I just don't know if I have it in me again. Not another gymnast. It's a demanding, expensive sport. It runs your life.

It is also a wonderful sport. And my #2 is a LEVEL 10. WHAT? Can you believe it? She is competing all over the country this year, and she is being scouted by Division I college scouts. A scholarship is in her future. And 4 years of free college for #2 makes it a wonderful sport in my book.

But this post isn't about #2. It is about #4, and her
Big Gymnastics Show......

Right before the big show.....

Waiting for the big show to start.....

Presenting to the audience at the beginning of the big show.....

Performing her floor routine. Look at that perfect tuck jump. Amazing!

Sitting on the beam after the show with her inspiration.

She loves that #2.

And finally, and trust me, this is why we went to the big show. Finally, she got her trophy. She did a floor exercise, some vaults, a bar routine and a beam routine. And she was awesome.

Look out level 3...... here comes #4. And she is serious.

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