Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Event #3.

The annual family picture-a-thon. Did I ever tell you I have the same best friend since 9th grade? And since I am 40 and all, 9th grade was a long time ago. She has done so much for me during the past 6 years. She is a true angel in my life. But one of the most Special and Important things she does for me is take pictures of my family. Whenever there is a noteworthy event, she is there with her Fancy Camera. She knows just how to get the best shots. Her pictures are priceless, and I truly don't know how I will ever be able to repay her kindness.

Anyway, every December she graciously takes our family pictures.
And here is some of her best work...........

Um yes. I did crop myself and The Husband out of this one.
They look so cute as sisters.
Plus my hair looks retarded.

#2 gets prettier and prettier. I need her to stop getting prettier.

Teenage boys are the WORST.

(Except for you Jaymen. YOU are the BEST!)

Have you ever seen anything as Lovely as #3? Her distinctive coloring was such a shock when we first saw her. Her dark hair and perfectly porcelain skin and pale blue eyes continue to surprise me, even now.


Oh my little #4. My precious, precious 4.


This one is getting framed over the piano.
Come see for yourself if you don't believe me.

Dear Mrs. Mosley, you will never, ever know what your
friendship has meant to me over all these years.
Your calmness, your kindness, your quiet strength has helped me through some bummer times.
I love you so much.
And you are a Stinking Awesome Photographer.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next Christmas Event.

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  1. So cute!
    Can't wait to get a Christmas card from you guys! ☺


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