Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hang in there My little Boy.... Grandma is coming!

Dear #1,
Which one should I blow up into a gigantic poster
and hang over my couch?

I'm loving this one, below. He totally wanted to smile at me, look at him! I bet he's going to smile, roll over, laugh, and sleep through the night in two days when I am there.
He likes to show off for me I think.

See!! He IS smiling at me.
Little boys love Grandmas.
That's just how it works.

Think long and hard.
This is a very important decision.
The gigantic poster will be up all year, until next December. That is when I will take another picture and make another gigantic poster and hang it in the exact same spot.


P.S. I know I am supposed to be the most excited to see the baby. But I'm really the most excited to see you. I miss you every minute of every day and I love you so much my heart aches.
It really aches.
Two more days.
Can't wait.

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