Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jesus The Christ.

We attended the
Breathtaking production of "Jesus The Christ" aka the Easter Pageant tonight at the Mesa Arizona Temple.

Now could be the time where I go on and on about my Faith and my testimony of said Faith and all other things Mormon. But I'm not going to do that here. I'm just going to sum up tonight with this:

Life is good. Life is very, very good.

Please enjoy our favorite moments from tonight........
The Husband and his favorite missionary on the Planet, Elder Pebley. These two are already planning Pebley's trip back to visit the family (ahem, The Husband) after the mission. Adorable.
The dance of the Ten Virgins. At this point during the pageant, 4 looks over at me and asks, "What is a virgin?" as I am wildly trying to decide which adjectives to use, 2 starts snickering, and then 3 starts snickering (oh no! not you 3..... Are you really old enough to snicker over this? Can't you just stare at me and obliviously wait for my answer like 4 is doing?) Finally, I reply "A virgin is a girl who isn't married yet." I mean, no need for deep mother-daughter discussions in front of 500 strangers, right? To which 4 replied, "Mom, am I a virgin?" At this point 2 and 3 are laughing and I am kicking them to be quiet and looking at The Husband and thinking, "Come ON... aren't you going to help me with this?" And he is looking back at me and thinking "Um are you kidding me? I am not equipped for this!" So I took a deep breath and put a neutral look on my face and firmly answered, "Yes, Sugar Plum. You are a Virgin."

She was content and the show went on.......
Our favorite Angel. We know this girl and we love this girl.
What a beautiful girl.
OMG. Deuce Lutui was really in the Pageant. Awesome.
And it isn't a trip to the Temple without running into The Porter.
2 was happy. Very happy.

Ready for home.

And going home with our family intact and happy and together is always a good moment.

Okay. I really, really tried to make this a better interview. And I really really tried to make it go at the top. But I couldn't figure out how to get it at the top and I sure as heck couldn't figure out how to flip it. I am 40. FORTY. I just missed growing up with technology, and apparently I am a slow learner. So tilt your head all the way to the side and enjoy our pre-Pageant interview.

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