Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Saturday.

Since 1 was a wee little infant, I have instructed the Easter Bunny to leave Baskets full of Easter Love on Saturday.

I just think Sunday should be for Jesus. Don't you?

So for all of these years, my girls have received their Baskets on Easter Bunny Saturday. They wake up and have to hunt high and low for said baskets. The Easter Bunny has more time on Saturday. He likes to hide baskets on Saturday. Just a little piece of information in case anyone else wants to join us on Easter Bunny Saturday.

The Easter Bunny also usually leaves something shiny and beautiful. Something only girls would appreciate.

This year, He was in the mood to leave some Spectacular Sandals.

The Sandals really wowed us.

Happy Easter Bunny Saturday everybody..... We are headed to the Hills.... aka Taylor, Arizona.... to visit with The Husband's family, play with cousins, eat Easter Dinner, check out the small town boys (if you are old enough to check out the small town boys) and enjoy General Conference.

See you next week!

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