Thursday, January 13, 2011


Our family has changed a little. It's true.

I thought my life couldn't get any better. And then it did. 1 and Carver moved in. And then we got some perfect little foster babies, two to be exact. A little girl turning 2 this month and a newborn boy that I picked up from the hospital right after he was born.


On a side note, I'm not sure if I can post foster kids' pictures. When I find out if I can, their little mugs will be all over this place.

My family just keeps getting better. Life keeps getting better. And mostly I have him to thank:
In other news:

A. Circumcisions are brutal and horrible and stupid. I know. He will be happier later, blah.

B. 4 thinks of the most genius things to do whenever she is assigned the activity in Family Home Evening. This week? Prayer rocks sprayed with glitter and embellished with puff balls and googly eyes. I don't even help her with this stuff.

C. 1 is getting skiiiiiiny. And she looks Fabulous. I'm super jealous. It's like I always say, there is always a silver lining girls. Always.

D. Carver has decided that walking is over rated. People need to get off his back already.

E. 2 is a beautiful girl. Inside and out. And even though I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I'm not happy (!!!) that she is so pretty, it's the inside that counts the most.

F. The Husband is so excited to get some more male people in this house he walks around with a grin all day. Even though he also got 2 new girl people. He is (I think) pretending that fact doesn't exist.

G. 3 is eleven years old. She sets her alarm and gets herself up very early every day and scolds the rest of us if we rush in the morning because we hit the snooze button. This really happens.
My family is to die for, I know.

And we are super good-looking too.

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