Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Precious Knows.

Sometimes I don't think she knows. That she doesn't realize this new Foster Family status that we have embraced is going to change her life forever.
She has enjoyed being my baby. She has embraced it and loved it and played the part to perfection. And as much as she has enjoyed it, I have loved it more.

I have always loved that she so desperately wants to be near me.

That she has always been so little compared to other girls her age. She was always one of the smallest babies, and smallest toddlers. I loved that my baby wasn't growing like a weed.

But even that is changing. She is still tiny - but she is getting taller. Soon she may not be tiny at all.

And soon she may not be the smallest one. One day, one of these little foster babies is going to come and not leave. They will become part of our family. And then they will be the smallest.

She knows this is coming. And she can't wait.

And while I want it to happen more than just about anyone, it simultaneously thrills me and breaks my heart.

Because My Precious will be a big sister. Not the smallest one, but one of the big ones.

I don't think she will ever know how much she means to me. That these years she has been my baby have meant everything to me. That she was always the perfect girl to be my smallest one. That even if she ends up not being the youngest, she will always, always be My Precious.

I just can't imagine her not being my baby.

I'm excited for it to happen. I am.

I just can't imagine it yet.
When it does happen, I know we will both be ready.

And it will be a great day.

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