Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far.......

Sisters annoy, interfere, criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom. Are always underfoot. But if catastrophe should strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers. -Pam Brown

Nights like tonight. These are the nights that I am so glad my 1 is back. I mean, 2 had her other sisters here, she did. But 3 is 6 years younger and 4 is 8 years younger than 2. It's just not the same.

(pic taken from her fancy iphone, not that great right?)

I was thumbing through my church binder tonight. The same binder that went to Sunday School with 1 and The Husband while I was helping out in Nursery with Carver and my little 2-year-old foster girl. Anyways, I was looking for something and I found a hidden letter from 1. Apparently the Sunday School teacher failed to mesmerize her this day. And this is what it said:

Dear Mom, Why does Todd always sleep in church?! I don't understand. I miss you. I miss Carver. Boys are stupid. I never want to kiss one again! Unless it's XXXXX. Or XXX. Or that cute dude in our Ward as long as he isn't creepy. Maybe. I still haven't decided. I want MEATBALLS! Please Please PRETTY Please. Red ones. AND white ones. Because I like both. Alot. Do you love me? Because I love you. I'm going to poke Todd now. Until he wakes up. Do you think it will annoy him? Me too.
Love, 1

Does that help you get it a little better? Why I missed her so desperately when she was a state away?

And please, do yourself a favor and watch all three of these videos. Because these are the nights that make life everything.

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