Friday, March 11, 2011


When 1 was little, we lived in a small town in Utah. In this town all of the kids did sports. All sports. So when 1 was little, we signed her up for sports. Basketball, softball, swimming, volleyball, you know, sports.

Instantly is was apparent that she was an athlete. She was crazy athletic. I remember one fanatic sports parent, you know, the ones who are always the coach and their kids are always the best? He came up to me one day during a softball game shaking his head and said "That little girl of yours is an ATH-A-LETE!" It was quite a complement. And she was always athletic and made lots of athletic accomplishments.

When 2 was little, I put her in gymnastics. Instantly it was apparent that she was a gymnast. She was crazy good. She moved to team almost immediately and made it all the way to level 10 (which is college level athletics) before having to stop due to injury. I think I read once that half of a percent of all girls who start gymnastics make it to level 8. And 10 is a big jump from 8. She was that good.

Everywhere we went, people would ask, is she a gymnast? It was that obvious.

When 3 was little, we noticed that she was very fast for her age. Crazy fast. She would go to 4th of July races and win all the races from her age until they made her stop running. She has a natural way of moving. You can tell she is athletic. She never loses a race at school, even against boys. (She is still in 5th grade, that happiness will end soon) The kid is like lightening, seriously.

When 4 was little, it was immediately apparent that she would be the Best Princess in the history of the world. The little girly girl who has no athletic inclinations whatsoever that I always wanted. And she has been.

But 4 has been keeping a deep, dark secret. And at Franklin Field Day, her secret was revealed. And as of this writing, I'm still not sure if she is happy about that.

Here is what happened:
The week leading up to Field Day, which is the happiest and most socially important day at Franklin every year, I would ask 3 and 4: How is it going? Did you make the relay team? Are you excited?

3 would answer things like "Of course I made the relay team" (She is the anchor every year) and "Sure I'm excited, blah blah".

4 would answer things like " (4 shrugging her shoulders like she could care LESS)" and "Miss Newman said she thinks maybe I might be kinda good at the hurdles" and "I'm going to wear my purple shirt with the ruffles and my leopard skirt so I will still look super cute and then I will take my skirt off and have matching black shorts underneath"

And then the day came. I was there to volunteer. 3's grade was in the morning. 3 didn't disappoint.

3's tally:

60 yard dash - 1st place
60 yard dash against the winners - 1st place
hurdles - 1st place
RELAY (the big one!) - 1st place
long jump - 3rd place
softball throw - 3rd place
obstacle course - 2nd place

I pretty much expected this, but it is still so impressive! They only give 3 ribbons per event per age and group, that's it. Most kids leave the day with lots of fun memories, but no ribbons.
( 3's relay team)

Then afternoon came, and out came 4's grade. I was so excited to be her group's helper, following them from event to event. I wasn't worried about 4 not winning any ribbons, which is what I expected. Like I've said and said, she is a go-with-the-flow kind of girl. She doesn't get worried about things like sports. She is a true princess.

Then the events started, and here is her tally:

50 yard dash - FIRST PLACE
hurdles - FIRST PLACE
long jump - FIRST PLACE
(2nd place was TWO FEET shorter than her)
obstacle course - THIRD PLACE
(she actually had the fastest time but got penalized for missing a tire)
softball throw - 5th place, but no ribbon

I started to catch on when I saw how easily she won the 50 yard dash. I'm not going to lie, I was a little irritated. I mean, how could she keep a secret of this magnitude from me? She had been practicing with the other girls all week. And she is smart. Trust me, she knew what was going on.

She doesn't look like an athlete, she doesn't talk or move like one. What the heck?
(In between events building grass houses, all she really cared about on Field Day)

Dear 4:
Your deep, dark secret is sooooo out. You covered it up pretty good, you did. The problem is, now I have to figure out what else you have been keeping from me.

Please come to my office for an interview Sunday at 5:30. Plan on being there for at least 3 1/2 hours.

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