Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Was Easter.

This is my brother. One of them anyways. Yes he is baby Jude's papa. Yes he is my real brother. Yes we are biologically related. Yes my family is caucasion. Yes I am sure. Yes. Yes. Yes.

This is The Husband. He is very charming.

This is The Husband when he is trying to hit on me. Depending on my mood, this is sometimes charming.

This is 1 dying all of Carver's and Foster Girl's eggs. And making them watch.

This is 3 hunting eggs. Yes she color coordinated her Easter Saturday ensemble.

This is 5. 5 used to be very coordinated. 5 is no longer coordinated.
This is a picture of two cousins checking something out on Easter Saturday during an Easter Egg Hunt. And that, my friends, is charming.
This is Carver riding 3's scooter. Which he does frequently with varying degrees of success.
This is example number one that A. If you stick your bum out at me I will surely take picture of it and then put it on my blog. And B. 1 is getting skiiiiiiiiiny.
This is example number 2 that C, 1 is getting skiiiiiiiny. A tiny piece of me is very irritated at the ease in which a 21 year old can get skinny.
This is 2. 2 has always been my blondest kid. She must always stay blond. Because she is a very pretty blond. I have deemed it and it is so.
This is 4. She is very, very charming.
This is 4. She paints her fingernails a different color every other day. Also, she is always, always accessorized. If you know a 9 year old who needs any tips or anything.
This is 4. She got a new doll. Not for Easter. With her own money. She digs it.
This is Carver. He is putting an egg in his Mother's exhaust pipe. Because that is a really, really good idea.
This is Carver making sure the egg is good and in there.
This is Carver thinking about the egg.
This is Carver making sure the egg is really, really, really in there.
This is us decorating cookies. Because we all collectively decided we need a few more fat grams and calories on Easter. Than the usual fat grams and calories. You know, extra fat grams and calories.
This is Micah and Joah. They are gorgeous, handsome, likable, funny boys. And not just because they love me. But because they really are.
This is a paragraph without a picture. So you will have to imagine all of the people in this post together.This is the best part of Easter. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Which we all did together on fluffly quilts on the grass in front of the temple watching the Easter Pageant on a perfect Arizona evening. The toddlers were entertained and the babies didn't cry and we ate yummy food and we learned and we thought about Christ. And it was perfect.

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