Monday, May 9, 2011

I don't have a sister. It's true.

These are my brothers. A few years ago, but still us. Not THAT many years ago. But a few.
My favorite things about my brother.

1. No one ever needs reassurance that we are, in fact, related.
2. He has always looked oddly like Rob Lowe. Squint hard and imagine him without that bushy hair on his face. It's true.
3. He can fix any plumbing problem I have. Worth his weight in GOLD.
4. He has six kids. I mean, who has six kids nowdays? He does.
5. Everyone always thinks he is older than me. Seriously, everyone. Wear your sunscreen girls, and this can be you, too. Because he isn't older than me.

6. He is the only person in the entire world who understands me and my childhood. And everyone needs that person. Everyone does.

My favorite things about my other brother.

1. Because I am ten years older than him, we have never been in a real fight. Except one time when we came close. But he wouldn't let me stay mad at him so it doesn't really count.
2. He can fix any compuer problem I have. Worth his weight in GOLD.
3. It just never gets old telling people that he is caucasion and watching their faces. Good times.
4. I would have never made it through my divorce without him. He never let me down.
5. I have all girls and he has all boys. So far. He just had his 3rd boy. That means we are in the same club.
6. He moves alot. So much that The Husband gets all of his service hours from that one family member alone. That is some good time management.

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