Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thoughts About My Week.

We are going to NYC for Christmas.  We have been planning it and saving for it for.e.ver.  If IRENE ruins it for me, I am going to be ticked.  Super ticked.

When a 2 year old finally figures out that the baby who has been lying around the house for the past 8 months and taking up all the attention is actually a real person who will play with you, that is a good day.
As I am sitting here, I just realized I can totally turn off the noise of squalling toddlers and fighting preteen girls.  So that I see their lips moving and seriously don't hear a thing. This is totally an acquired talent, it takes years to develop, so don't be jealous.  Your time will come.  Just keep practicing.
Babies love bananas.  They love squishing bananas all over their bodies, and they love rubbing bananas all over their chairs.  They love clapping with bananas in their hands so that bananas fly everywhere.  And they love going straight for your hair with their banana hands when you pick them up.
This week I reached my all-time laundry championship moment.  I'm pretty sure I did 17 loads of laundry in one day.  Sadly, I'm not kidding.  I made a deal with 4 that I would wash and put away all of her clothes, and she produced so many clothes that I should be embarrassed that she had so many clothes.  She had to do some big job in return but honestly, I can't remember what it was.  And that is my last laundry deal.  Ever.

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  1. When's the post gonna come about how much your little baby boy loves his auntie amber? and when she holds him in church he falls asleep so cute. and how when you first got him she couldn't put him down??


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