Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 and J2 Go To Homecoming. And Annie is a Princess.

This is Annie.  She is the 2011 Mesa High Homecoming Queen.  Get out your tissues, Mom, because here is a story about Annie:  She was born a twin.  Her twin is Daniel.  They are both 2 and J2's age.  In fact, Daniel went to Franklin with 2 and J2.  Annie went to a different school, because Annie has Down Syndrome.  But don't worry, they all met up at Taylor Jr., and have been together ever since.  Well, except for Daniel.  Little Daniel was diagnosed with cancer in 3rd grade or so.  He died a few years later.  It was shocking for 2 and J2, but not as shocking as it was for Annie.  Make sure you have your tissue Mom, because here is the next part.  In addition to losing Daniel, Annie also lost her Mom around that time.  To cancer.  Her twin and her Mom, within a year.  But Annie has an awesome dad and Annie has sisters, so Annie has carried on.

This year, a boy who has been known to help put ex-lax in teachers candy, and steal Christmas decorations out of front yards, and do drive-by donut wars. In other words, maybe not my very favorite boy, but now he is.  This boy asked Annie to the homecoming dance.  Annie was going to the Homecoming dance.  And they went, and she danced, and she twirled and she laughed and she was so happy.

This year, when the kids at Mesa High were nominating Homecoming Queens, they overwhelmingly nominated Annie.

And this year, when the kids voted for their Homecoming Queen, they overwhelmingly chose Annie.  She laughed and she twirled and she was a Princess.  And it was the best Homecoming anyone could ever remember.

Long live Queen Annie, the absolute best kind of princess.

Dear Annie's Date:
Every thing you have ever done that has annoyed me is forgotten.  You are the best kind of boy that there ever was.

Dear Mesa High Students:
And that is why this is the best high school in the world, with the best student body that could ever be.  You guys rock my socks.   Way to be.....Way to love.....Way to go!

Now on to the rest of Homecoming week:  we attended the parade.  It was surprisingly awesome!  2 is on student council, so she was in the parade.  I dropped my camera and didn't get a picture, even though she had called me and warned me.

And here is the gorgeous J2 and her date.  Look at her!  So gorgeous.  I don't know who her date is but he looks pretty happy.  A little too happy for my tastes.  They better not have slow danced.  Ever.
And now, on to my girl.  Her date was nervous and adorable.  But he still managed to get her corsage on uneventfully.  When she was putting on his flower, she promptly broke it, and he had no flower.  And that is 6 dollars I will never get back.

Will you look at this girl?  If you can't tell, she has on a red dress with bubble-gum pink accessories.  And she rocked it.
Dear Beautiful 2 and Scrumptious J2:

Can you believe it?  Senior Year!!  Since J2 was born 2 months after 2, you guys have been together, if not physically then at least emotionally.  And now here you are in your last year of high school.  Cherish the time, cherish each other.  Remember to always have each other's back.  If you can't count on your family, life is empty.  Don't forget.

Mom and Aunt M

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