Sunday, October 2, 2011

General Conference. Awesome. Again, They Totally Nailed It!

The Weekend?  Very busy for us.  Very Busy.  It was General Conference, after all.  When twice a year it seems like we camp in the family room for 2 entire days in our pj's.  It's hard to get other stuff done.  I'm not sure why, maybe it's because we are in our pajamas?  But we did do other stuff, we did.

One of the main things, is I made Hughes his birthday dinner.  Because his birthday was this week.  He got anything he wanted.  So he got Philly Cheesteaks, hotwings, and bacon.  Yes you read that right.  Yes we all ate it.  And yes I had all of the kids take a vitamin.
We also put up some Halloween decorations!!  Yay!  It was supposed to rain but it didn't.  Wa HAAAAA.  That really doesn't have anything to do with anything. Except it's POOP.  I refuse to put up decorations until the month that the holiday is actually in.  That means when others start putting their decorations up on September 5th, I have to listen to 25 days of whining to put up our decorations.  And this totally ticks me off at my neighbors.  People!
2 got asked to the Homecoming Dance.  By a boy she really wanted to go with.  It was a good day for 2, who would have been happy to go with whoever. But she got asked by a totally cute boy who she is excited to go with.  Double yay.
 And we watched conference.  I mean, at least I watched conference.  Who knows what the fam was doing.  But they were in the room with me, and Osmosis works, right?  And don't worry Mom, Hughes only fell asleep this one time for like 7 minutes.

 BTW.  Baby is playing with a real live dog here.  That is a long, crazy story for another day.
For some reason Baby loved Elder Packer.  Was kind of obsessed with him really.  Smart Baby.

I was all irritated the other day because pot holders keep disappearing from my life.  For no reason.  They just leave.  Then 3 remembered a pot holder kit hidden in the back of 4's closet, where no one ever ventures.  They dug it out and WALA..... potholders.  And that is all it takes to make me happy.  New potholders. I'm kind of laid-back like that.

Who laughed?  Everyone?  What's your point?
 My fave part of the weekend, when 3 and 4 got so excited when the Primary chorus sang "Praise to the Man" and they sat up and sang along for the entire song.  As loud as they could.  Gave me shivers.  Awesome girls.

Awesome conference, awesome weekend, awesome girls, awesome Hughes, awesome Baby.

My life is kind of great.

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