Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today Is His Birthday. My Big Boy is 2.

Dear Carver:
Today you are 2.  TWO.  All I can say, is thank goodness that I am 42.  Otherwise people would know.

My big boy, the day you were's a day I will never, ever forget.  Not as long as I live.

That was the day that I was a Grandma.

I couldn't be there when you were born, thanks to an awful horrible job, with awful horrible bosses.  But don't worry, I have left that awful horrible job behind, so now I am all yours.  I am here for you whatever the day, whenever the time.  You name it and I am there.  But I digress....the day you were born.

I wasn't there in person, but I heard it all over the phone.  GG was there, and I was on the phone. And hearing you cry?  It made me feel like life had just started for me.  And then I finally got to see you, and hold, you, and smell you.  And that was a day I will never, ever, EVER forget.

Nothing can prepare you for the first grandchild.  Not all of the words in the world can.

And then I got to live with you for 6ish perfect, perfect, perfect months.  And I want so badly for you to still be here, down the hall. I want everything to go away and I just want you here again.

It was always so curious to me that although you had spent your first year in another state, only seeing me sometimes, that when you lived with me you knew.  You KNEW.  You knew who I was. You looked at me and I looked at you and we knew.

That time with you was precious.  I cherished every single second of you.  If you ever believe anything I ever say, believe that.
Carver, don't ever think that you aren't my favorite.  Because you are.  You have meant everything to me for two years.  Don't ever think that just because we aren't together physically that I'm not with you in your heart.  Because I am, I am there.  Just stop and listen, and you will hear me.  I am with you every minute. This I promise you with every promise I have in me.

I have thought of you every moment of today.  I hope your birthday is your best day ever.  All of your Aunts and your new little Uncle want you to have a day to end all days today.  Oh how we wish you were here!  And Pop-Pop.  He has missed you every minute.  If I had a dollar for every time he starts a sentence with your name.....I would have a heck of a lot of dollars.  Also, Pop-Pop forgot to send your presents until yesterday.  So they will come on Saturday.  Please forgive Pop-Pop.
You are the best boy that could ever be........We love you and we miss you and we can't wait to see you again.

Happy Birthday Carver. Please have the funnest day you have ever had.  Promise me.

Love Forever,

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  1. And now you know just how I felt out at Williams Air Force Base the day Jordan Ann Angel was born and how it felt when we took her home and how the world just seemed to turn on its axis a little faster because I got the butterflies in my tummy and they have never ever gone away.

    I love you MaLeisa My Angel and now you know how I love little Jordan Ann Angel!


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