Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Accidental Best Night of My Life.

It was August.  School was about to start.

Activities had been chosen, paid for, and joined.

Except for 3.  3 was waiting for club volleyball to start.  But it didn't start until November.  I don't like 3 to be without an activity for 3 months.  I don't like any of them to be without an activity for 3 months.  Life is to be enjoyed.  New experiences should be had.  That is why I want them in activities.  I thought.  She thought.  We couldn't think of anything that would only last a couple months that would be worthwhile.

And then we heard about it.

East Valley Mormon Choral Organization

A choir.  A choir that learns from a Julliard graduate and then gets to sing at the Mesa Arts Center twice a year with a live orchestra.  

A live Orchestra!

So she started.  She loved it right away.
 "Good!!" I thought.  
Problem solved.
 We will do this for 3 months and then move on.

Then the concert happened.

Now is when I should say we had been emailed and had been warned to buy our tickets early, because they sold out every year.  I thought it was weird.  Isn't this a choir concert we are talking about?  I mean, sure, parents love to watch their kids..but were there that many parents?  Anyways, I went online and bought the tickets.  And the concert sold out the next day.  SEVEN WEEKS in advance.  For a choir concert.  At the Mesa Arts Center.  It is a HUGE venue.

That should have been my first clue that something big was about to happen.  But sadly, sometimes I'm just not that smart. 

So anyways, the concert happened.  My mom happened to be in town and Hughes graciously gave her his ticket.  Because she is a true music lover.
And a true 3 lover.

I was excited.  I was expecting something along the lines of a high school choir concert.  With an orchestra.  I expected it to be very nice.

Boy was I wrong.

It was the most spectacular musical performance I have ever heard in real life.  
Those kids (and grown-ups, there are choirs for all ages) opened up their mouths and started singing.  My jaw dropped.  I looked at my Mom.  Her jaw was on the ground.  It was unreal.  They sounded like professional angels.  Not just angels.  
Professional angels.

And the Orchestra!  All volunteers, they were amazing.  So amazing. 

These are kids who didn't audition.  They take everyone.  No matter how your voice sounds.

And they blew us away.

3 says the choir conductor uses a special teaching method.

I say he uses magic.

 And so this is how it ends:  This is the first, and probably last time I will allow one of my kids to do 2 activities at a time.  Because of course she is going to play volleyball.  And this?

This we will do as long as she will do it.

I truly believe this is something that will forever change her.

Change her life.  And that is all I want for her.  To have awesome life-changing experiences for the good.  As many as possible. 

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