Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Checklist Seven. Little Girls and Music.

 Franklin East annual Winter Orchestra concert.  CHECK.  

One of the many, many, many reasons my kids go to Mormon East... um, I mean Franklin East, is because of their spectacular music programs.  The kids have to go before school, two days a week each, for the privilege of being instructed in the Orchestra Arts.  It is early.  And they are happy to go.  

At least 93% of the time.
 4 is in her first year of violin, and 3 is in her second year of cello.  She would be in her 3rd year of cello but 3 conned me into letting her play the clarinet for a year.  And then I conned her in to switching to Orchestra, where she belonged the whole time.

There are 4 orchestra's at FE, beginning, beginning advanced, intermediate, and advanced.  My little lovelies are in beginning advanced and advanced, respectively. 

The concert was lovely.
Really, Really, lovely. 
During the grand finale for advanced, which was "Ice Castles", the advanced violinists got tricky and walked around the room playing.  It was pretty impressive.

My apologies that the videos are so bad.  The AMAZING phone that Hughes and 2 made me get is complicated and hard and I don't think very amazing.  And Hughes was in the back with the squirmy baby and not there to help me video.  So, my apologies. 

And we are off the The Big Apple tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!! 

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