Friday, December 23, 2011

NYC Christmas Checklist F.

 Ellis Island. Check.
If you ever, ever get the chance to go here, go.  It is absolutely, fabulously, interesting.  The things these immigrants went through just to get here.  To make a better life.  It's goose-bump inducing.  It really is.
Every single last liberal leaning person in the country needs to go here and inspect and study every last inch of the history of Ellis Island and the immigrants who came through here.  To be reminded that these people risked everything to get away from a country where they were treated the same no matter the effort they put forth.  Where hard work and good ideas were not rewarded.  Where the ruling class tried to keep everyone down and the same.  Where they had no chance to make a better life.  Sound familiar?  It should.  It's the current goal of every last democrat in this country. To make our country like the ones the immigrants fled from.

But I forget myself.  My apologies.  Merry Christmas from Ellis Island!! 

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