Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twins. Kind of.

I have six kids at the moment.  1,2,3,4, FG, and Baby.

That is a lot of kids.

There are 3 lucky ones who have hit the jackpot.  Won the lottery.  Found the Holy Grail.  Okay, maybe not the Holy Grail.  But I think they are pretty lucky.

Sorry 1,3 and FG.  Don't be sad.  Your hair is prettier.
These 3 have cousins the same exact age as them.  If they are a girl then she is a girl.  If they are a boy then he is a boy.  Or in baby's case, THREE boys.  (there is actually another boy cousin this age for baby, on Hughes' side)

The cousins live in the same city.  In 2's case, they go to the same school.

You tell me what is better than that?  They don't live with you, so they don't drive you crazy.  They don't steal your clothes or break your toys.

But they are always there.  And they always will be.

A couple notes about Baby:  We are close, close, close, CLOSE to adopting him.  Please pray for us and baby.  Pray hard.  Please.

Dear 2,4, and Baby:

You better be thanking your lucky stars.  Every day.  Because you are lucky to have your cuz.  Or if you are baby, then your cuz and your cuz and your cuz.



  1. call me crazy, but me and jordan were in love ALL of growing up! where's our picture? :(

  2. Dear Amber:

    To be in this post you have to be born in the same school year so you are in the same grade. You just don't qualify. It's not my fault that your mother had you 11 months too late. Blame her not me!!

    Do you know who my same age cousin was? Born in the same year, in the same grade, went to the same schools?

    That's right. It was Adam.

    That's why he was always so cool. Duh.


  3. You just don't have a picture of us to post and you won't admit it. sad day.

    I miss my brother every day of my life. Share stories with me sometime PLEASE. and if you have pictures or video of him PLEASE share.


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