Friday, February 10, 2012


Having a hard day today.
I miss my girl so much.
Life is so unfair sometimes.
I was born and raised in Mesa, so it is my home.
She was raised in Utah, so it is her home. 
And both of us want to be home.
But isn't home where your Mother is?
Wait.  My Mother is in Utah.
Never mind.

I want her back.
I want her to come back.

But mostly, I want her to be happy.
And she IS a grown-up.
And what makes her happy makes me happy.

Dear 1:
You are a good girl and I am so proud of you.
I can't stop people from hurting you.
I can hit them in the face.
And I probably will when I see them.
But I can't stop them.
What I CAN do is let you know that
I am here for you.

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