Friday, February 3, 2012

Sports Build Our Character. And It's Nice When Our Socks Are Cute Also.

 It finally happened!
3's first ever real volleyball tournament with her club team.
She is totally for reals now you guys.

 A couple fun surprises for me:
3 is number 3!  Which is her name, duh.
But more importantly, it is her big cousins vball number!!!
Super exciting for 3. 
 Surprise B:
Volleyball tournaments last for 12 hours.
I'm not making this up.
That would have been good information to have in advance. 
 Surprise 3:
3 starts.
Ahead of a lot of girls.
She plays the entire time!
And she has, I might add, the 2nd best serve on the team.
This is all new information for me.
3 is only 12 on a 13's team, so I didn't expect this. 
And if I'm bragging, my apologies.
I just like to document when my girls are Spectacular.
Sue me. 
Dear 3:

Wow!  You are totally legit now!  That was one of the best days of your life, right?  I know.  I could see it in your face.  For twelve hours in a row I saw it in your face.  Your sense of accomplishment and better yet, pure happiness.  I'm so glad you found what makes you happy.  So glad.

And nope.  You can't quit piano.  Thanks for asking.


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