Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't Mess With Me.

It happened again.
Couple Sidenotes:
The babies and the Fabulous C go to daycare/preschool 2 days a week now.
I had a hard time with it at first.  A very hard time.
But now I see that I need it for my sanity.  For my family's sanity.
I feel like I can do this foster care business long-term now.

And Hughes has a new work schedule.  He is home in the middle of the day.
And that is fabulous for the fam.
Because he can go to things like field day.
And I'm glad.  Because I think he thought I was totally exaggerating the girls' prowess. And I totally wasn't. And I totally know I say totally too much.
I am an 80's girl!
Don't try to change me, just love me. 

 Before I get to the tallies, can I just say look at this picture!
Can you believe that?  It's like I'm a professional photographer.
I know, I'm totally amazing.
 Another Sidenote:
3's contacts weren't working that great, so I made her an eye appointment, but in the meantime, glasses it is.  She doesn't mind them so much, except for at volleyball.  And that's when I get lots of dirty looks from her.  Like it's my fault her prescription changed.  It probably is.  Everything else that goes wrong for her is my fault too.  

They aren't for everyone.

3's TALLY:
softball throw: FIRST PLACE
(she has never placed here, Hughes was beaming)
obstacle course: FIRST PLACE
60 yard dash: FIRST PLACE
hurdles: FIRST PLACE
running long jump: FIRST PLACE
4 Man Class Relay:  second place.  I know.  It was a very sad, dramatic loss.  
Could have been worse, could have been last place.

Dear 3:
You are the bomb girl.
The. Bomb.

On to the afternoon session.
A was totally there the WHOLE day.
He did awesome.
He was kissed and hugged and held by about 5 million 4th and 6th grade girls.
I mean, why wouldn't he be?
He is the center of the universe!
Isn't your baby? 
Do you notice that every picture of her is with her friends?
And none are of her thinking about competing, or competing,
or getting ready to compete?
Let me explain.
She was with these two, her besties, all day.
When it was her turn, whomever was in charge had to yell her name and find her and tell her it was her turn.
Because 4 can NOT be bothered with things like competing.
What she can be bothered with, is looking cool.
With her friends.

The kid is going to kill me dead.
I've never had a kid, or even heard of one who I'm related too,
who isn't anxious to compete.
I need a manual, or google max, or something.
It's weird.

On to 4's tally:
Softball throw: fourth place
(not bad for a girl who throws like a princess)
60 yard dash: FIRST PLACE
hurdles: FIRST PLACE
running long jump: FIRST PLACE
obstacle course: third place.

Let me explain.  She got a technical, which added 3 seconds.  When I asked her what she was thinking during the course, why she made a mistake,
this is what she said:
"I was thinking about the snow cone stand and trying to decide if I should get cotton candy or tiger's blood."
And there you have it.
She still beat almost everyone.
But all she was concerned about was the upcoming snow cone.

People, you just can't change a Princess.  
They are who they are, even if they HAVE the athletic ability in them.
They are still a Princess.
And they will always be a Princess.

Dear 4:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a Princess.
Goodness knows our family needs one.
And you are the perfect girl for the job.


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