Friday, September 14, 2012

Public School. PUBLIC SCHOOL!

Did I ever tell you guys that when we moved to 
The Farm 4 started public school for the
first time in her entire life?

She totally did.

I researched around....checked out all of the
charter schools and back-to-basics schools,
(which is what Franklin was) 
But their waiting lists were too long,
or they were too far away without a bus.

So I made a MONUMENTAL decision.

And enrolled 4 in the neighborhood school,
right down the street,
close enough to walk too.

She is still celebrating the dress code (she can wear shorts and flops!)
the curriculum (pretty much a review year for her)
the clubs (she tried out and made her schools news network, they do news and announcements and everyone watches on TV!) 
the rewards (CANDY! A reading corner!)
and best of all, spirit days (CRAZY HAIR DAY, aka the above picture).

Franklin had none of this.
Franklin is hard core.
I will really miss Franklin. 


It is a good year for 4.

Why did I do this?

Couple reasons:
1. She is my only elementary school kid, we always do regular junior high and high school.  And she is a little bit of a smarty pants, so she doesn't really need the hard-coreness of a Franklin type school.

2. I am getting really old. 

3. I have ALOT of kids.

4. The neighborhood school is in the process of transitioning to a back-to-basics, so by the time the next wave of little Hughes gets will be back to business.

So I went with it.
And 4 is in serious heaven.

Dear 4:
You had better enjoy this little 
2 year vacation you are on.
And I swear if you even
have an A- life, as you know it,
will be over.


Love Forever,

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