Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year Broke My Heart.

I'm so old that I can't remember how it started.
I'm positive that it was Wimbledon 1985.
And it 100% involved Boris Becker.
But I don't know why I started watching tennis.

But that year, I watched Wimbledon.
All two weeks, I was glued to the TV.
And I was hooked.

And nope.
I've never played a single set of tennis.

But I am hooked.
And I haven't missed a grand slam since 1985.
Except the 1987 US OPEN.

I was in boot camp.
And they frown on TV there for some crazy reason.


I especially watch the Grand Slams.
Australian Open
French Open
US Open

I have been to the US Open (in New York City!) TWICE.

Once on my Honeymoon.

Did I tell you Hughes is awesome? 
He totally is.


I'm the kind of fan who appreciates all the good players, but I have my favorites and I am a fan until the end.
The very, very end.

I feel their pain, I stress about their next match.
I clap in my living room, all of it.

On a side note, we have something in our house called the "Roddick Quiz"
several questions about Andy Roddick.
If the girls don't know the answers they get extra work during the grand slams.
And they know the answers, trust me.


I am his Biggest fan. Except for maybe his mother, and even then.....

Since the moment he burst onto the scene, some 14 years ago, I have loved him completely.

He holds so many records, all of them serving.
He has the most fashionable sponser, of course.
He has the best one liners in the history of sports.
He knows exactly where he stands, and he doesn't make excuses.
He gives the best interviews.
He married a super model.
He plays Davis Cup.
He works his butt off.
He mentors the younger generation.
He has amazing legs.
He has a foundation, and gives to charity.
And he would have won a lot more grand slams if it weren't for a certain annoying gentleman named Roger.
But, no excuses, because Andy sure doesn't make them.

But most importantly, he has completely carried the mantel of United States men's tennis for ten years on his shoulders.
And he has done it well.

So.  He turned 30 this year, August 30th to be exact.
(yes that is on the quiz)

And I knew his time was coming.....he has had several injuries and he has lost a step, hard as it is for me to admit.  But BROOKLYN (his super model wife)  told Dan Patrick that he was going to play through 2013.

And I Believed her.  I BELIEVED her.

He changed his mind, and announced on his birthday that this is it, his last tournament.

I went in the kitchen and cried, for reals.  And that is where Hughes found me.
I felt stupid for being so upset.
But then he told me he was in football camp one time when he heard that Barry Sanders was retiring.
And he had to run into the bathroom and be alone for awhile.
So then I felt better, and I knew someone understood.

I am a fan of professional tennis.
I am not ashamed.
And I will miss Andy more than anyone else.
And as soon as I get over his 2009 loss at Wimbledon (16-14 in the 5th!!!)
I will work on getting over his retirement.

I love you Andy.
Thanks for everything.

My fave girl player, Kim Clijsters, also retired this tournament.
She, however, had warned me in January.
So I was emotionally prepared.
And I totally appreciated it.

And yes, I JUST did a huge post on tennis.
And now I am going to watch tennis.
Because I LOVE tennis.
And you should try it too......

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