Tuesday, October 2, 2012

3 And Her Life. And J2. But Mostly 3.

 So 3 came breezing in the door one day last week and said,
"I have an Orchestra Concert tonight."
Good to know, 3.  Good to know.
So Hughes stayed home with all of the little ones
and I went with 3 to her Orchestra concert.
She had on the wrong colored shirt.
She got there 5 minutes before it started.
But she did awesome.
And she looked good doing it. 
Oh yeah, and she is 2nd chair!
That's my girl. 
 So 3 came breezing in the door one day last week and said:
"Can we go on a date tonight Mom?"
And of course I said yes.
Barnes and Noble
(she truly appreciates books, she bought LITTLE WOMEN and then looked at it and flipped through it and breathed it in all the way home in the car and then started reading it as soon as we got home.....that's my girl)
Olive Garden
(she loves the breadsticks, no matter how much I try to talk her into Macaroni Grill, which is my favorite chain Italian eatery)
and a Scary Movie
(I LOVE scary movies, Hughes thinks they are dumb. So 3 and me, we go together)
It was a perfect night.
With my perfect little girl. 
 So 3 came breezing in the door one day last week and said:
"Mom! We haven't seen J2 play volleyball yet this season!!!! She plays college volleyball and we must go see her!"
And so we did.
And shout out to J2 (my scrumptious niece)
She was the ONLY one (really) on her college team who played the entire game.
Never came out once.
Played every position.
And she is 5'6"
They don't even see that girl coming. 
 I honestly can't tell you how much fun that was to watch.
And 3 was inspired.
And we may or may not have accidentally discovered chewy sweet tarts
that night and now we are addicted to them.
But mostly we were inspired by J2. 
 You go girl! 
Dear 3:
I love you so much.
I wish you knew.
So much.
Love Forever,

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