Monday, October 29, 2012

My Baby B

Today is my Awesome Baby B's birthday!!

Today he is ONE.

Twelve months.  So crazy.
It went by so fast!

Fun facts about Baby B:
His name doesn't start with a B.
He is the baldest black baby in the history of black babies.
He is a 12 year old in a one year old's body.  It's true.
He is the most popular baby at daycare.
He is the most popular baby at church.
He is the most popular baby in the family.
He is very popular.
Sometimes, when he is throwing a fit, I calmly reason with him and he stops.
That is the truth.
He is a Mama's boy. HA!
He is the perfect little brother for A.
He is the perfect baby for us.

I can't wait to unveil his face and name....but we don't even have a court date yet.
So frustrating.  So we wait. 
But we will have a court date soon, and the countdown will begin.....

Dear Baby B:
Happy Birthday!
You are the best baby in the world.
I really mean that.
No one could possibly be cuter or smarter than you.....NO ONE!
I love you so much sometimes I want to put you in your old
carrier up against my heart and just leave you there all day.
You are my precious baby and I love you so much.
Love Forever,

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